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How I Deal with OCD Backslides

One of the defining experiences in my life so far is my struggle with obsessive compulsive note taking. A few years ago at a relative nadir in my life I decided I’d reach out to someone to do something about it. I ended up on a very positive trajectory. That moment years ago was a great decision that I talk about elsewhere, but isn’t the subject of what I want to talk about here.


How I Engage with Anxiety & Uncertainty

I’ve observed our society becoming more conscious of anxiety in the world. Anxiety is starting to take hold as something that people accept as just a part of normal daily life, something that people can talk about more openly. Let’s leave the concept of “normal” here, too. Everyone’s life experience is different. I won’t (or at least I don’t intend to) speak in terms of platitudes that broadly apply to everyone, but rather I will relay my personal experience with anxiety, how I overcame it and how I manage it. Hopefully you’ll take away a few things that I learned the hard way.