🎧 Physics, Stoicism, & Environmentalism Oh My!

The Variety Show w/ Michael & Robert Ep. 009

🧐 Curious Minds; Curious Conversations –  This week Michael & Robert learn about the physics of N95 masks (2:24), make sense of Pixar’s Soul & Stoicism (12:20), discuss why some noble/crazy people decided to ditch air travel (23:56) and try to avoid 5 common missteps that lead to misery (43:30). This is a fun one!

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References this episode:

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Assured Misery (link)

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Wordle (link)

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XKCD: Work (link)

The Design of Everyday Things (link)

Planning Fallacy (link)

Atomic Habits (link)

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Albi Rong for fact checking

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