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🎧 How to Conquer Your Okay Plateaus & More

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The Variety Show w/ Michael & Robert Ep. 007

🧐 Curious Minds; Curious Conversations –  This week Michael & Robert try to conquer the podcasting Okay Plateau (4:40), make sense of downtown wind power generation (17:05), learn why they’re special (i.e. not average) (30:00) and have a healthy discussion about the microbiome. (47:53) (Plus we learn that Michael can’t read 😳)

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❓ References this episode:

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Study Yourself Failing (link)

A New Wind Power Wall Could Produce Over 10,000 KWh a Year (link)

On Average (link)

Fermented-food diet increases microbiome diversity, decreases inflammatory proteins, study finds (link)

🎁 Bonus links

At Home Chef by Robert (link)

How to Win at Fortnite According to Sun Tzu by Michael (link)

πŸ’³ Credits

Albi Rong for fact checking

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