6 Reasons to Start a Blog that have Nothing to do with Money

I decided to start a blog this year. Blogs are at their lowest popularity since Google Trends started measuring. I started a blog despite that.

The United States doesn’t search for blogs. If we stick with Google Trends as a measure, blog interest in the USA geographical region is ranked 25th. I started a blog despite this too.

I believe that now is a great time to start a blog. Here are 6 reasons why.

  1. The proliferation of other media forms is leaving a vacuum of opportunity for blogs. Every creator that moves from a blog to a Youtube channel or an Instagram account leaves behind them a void, a slice of opportunity.
  2. Less interest in blogs means less competition. People like to jump into things when they’re hot. I believe the time to dive in is when the stock is low. Instagram is great, but it’s extremely saturated and as a result very difficult to carve out space for yourself.
  3. I have a lot of thoughts and writing online helps me organize them. Codifying them publicly holds me accountable for making them organized and has the potential to add value to others. It also helps me build connections between the things I think, and the things I have learned to help me make sense of the world.
  4. I have a passion for learning. A blog gives me a vehicle for documenting my learnings. It also gives me a method for watching how my learnings have grown over time. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve demonstrates how much we forget and how quickly. Taking my learnings and processing them in my own words helps with my retention and gives me a place to let my learnings live so I can refer back to them later.
  5. I have a passion for sharing my learnings with others. Sharing helps with the application of my learnings and helps me to connect with others. Helping others also leads to more personal connections and I find personal connections as a great way to spend my time.
  6. A blog is something I can build with time. At first my blog starts as a hobby, but in 20 years it becomes my life’s work. David Perell speaks about this and I first heard about his work via Ali Abdaal.

Writing a blog isn’t for everyone. If you think it’s for you, the only way to know is to try. If you’re preparing to start on the journey, I hope the reasoning above helps you define your ‘why.’ Understanding your why will make a huge difference in whether your blog persists into the future or whether or not it recedes back into the ether.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

What are some other reasons you decided to start your blog? I’d love to hear!