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002 Who is the Mole? (2022)

Twists Ahead


People running around in a jungle? Oddly reminiscent of Lost, but I’m intrigued. A couple more seconds into the trailer, and I’m understanding what this show is about. If I didn’t feel dumb not getting it from the title, I certainly felt dumb when I went to my wife all excited to watch it and she said it was a reboot. I have zero memory of “Who is the Mole?” circa 2000. Womp. Womp.

📺 Who is the Mole? (2022)

I shake off my embarrassment. There’s no room for embarrassment when you love reality TV anyways 😳.

10 minutes later I’m hooked. I love the interplay of these characters and pretending like I know what’s going to happen because I took Psych 101 in high school.

Half way through episode one I’m dead set on who the mole is. I’ve seen enough reality TV to patch together a fool-proof theory.

  • What clues are the characters leaving behind?
  • What tricks are the editors playing on us with the editing?
  • What story do the producers want me to believe?

Lock it in. I’ve got it. I’m the smartest person who’s ever watched this show.

Then like 3 episodes later I’m face down on the floor, my mole candidate booted from the game. I guess I’m not so smart after all 😅.

Anyways, I’ve gotta pick my self back up. The next episode is coming up and I can’t get enough.

If you like the social interplay of shows like Survivor, you’ll like this show. Give it a shot, if Netflix’s algorithm hasn’t already sucked you in.

Thanks for reading. ✌ ️& 💜.

“Who is the Mole?” reminds me of…