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Quality Time is a Myth ๐Ÿ•’

Itโ€™s midnight on a weeknight and Iโ€™m in less of a hurry to get to bed than I should be. Iโ€™m sitting at my workstation in the second bedroom lit with the diffused glow of an incandescent lamp positioned behind my computer monitor.

my perfect calendar

How I Perfected My Calendar ๐Ÿ“†

The problem is, I can’t find a schedule that works for me. They’re either too restrictive, too much work to maintain or pointless because I don’t do what they say. I haven’t thrown out my calendar. Instead, I’ve found a solution that’s both helpful AND freeing!

OCD Stole My Attention

  • OCD

Why you should manage your attention rather than yourย time After years of progressively worsening OCD manifesting in a deluge of interfering thoughts the storm has slowed to a drizzle. Today I manage the OCD in… Read More »OCD Stole My Attention