• The Guide to Project Management for Beginners 📝
    Project management is story telling. When I think of great authors in history, I think of big brained creatives, creatives who were more like hippies than like me (in my day-time form that I assume between 9-5 Monday to Friday). When you’re managing a project you’re the author ✍️. You’re the nexus of information that ties the multiple threads of information across dimensions of time, space and people together. The publisher may have solicited you to write a particular type of book, but when it comes to the implementation of that vision, it’s you as the project manager that has the power to make it successful or to let is crash and burn and fall out of the eyes of historians eager for an excuse to document your work.
  • How to Kick-Start Your Projects 🏁
    As a consultant, my number one objective for any project is to meet the outcomes laid out in the statement of work. By the time I get involved in an engagement, the statement of work has been signed and the project teams are onboarding. My aim as the leader of the consultant team is do
  • How to get Promoted 🧗‍♂️
    So you just graduated and you’re starting a new job as a consultant. Everyone wants to move to the top and these days the play book is to job hop. I’m a technical manager with 9 years of experience in a technical consulting firm. And, all 9 years have been at the same firm. I
  • The Bare Minimum Guide for How to Run Effective 1:1s
    To make a positive difference on your teams it’s so important to have strong relationships with your direct reports. And the bedrock of that dynamic is your 1:1’s