🎧 Learn How to Converse Better, etc.

The Variety Show w/ Michael & Robert Ep. 006

🧐 Curious Minds; Curious Conversations –  Michael & Robert learn how to converse better, what it means to evolve, why going to an Ivy League is bad for you and what it means to be a napper.

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❓ References this episode:

Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation (link)

Changing Our Minds (link)

The Disadvantage of an Elite Education (link)

How long should your naps be? (link)

🎁 Bonus links

Be Curious, Not Judgmental (link)

Why You Are Better Off Dumb (By Michael!) (link)

πŸ’³ Credits

Melissa, for the feedback on last episode

Albi Rong for fact checking

The #Afterparty!

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